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Costa del Sol & Neighborhood

We do not give you just an apartment to stay. We give you an environment so you can experience the best while on a holiday with us. Walk into La Cala de Mijas and enjoy a refreshing day-off.


Costa del Sol

Location and the community of Andalusia.

The Costa Del Sol is located in the autonomous community of Andalusia. Costa del Sol is a stretch of beach line in three southern Spain provinces bordering the Mediterranean Sea: Málaga, Cádiz and Granada.

Málaga (city) and Marbella are quite extraordinary cities compared to other popular cities on the coast like Torremolinos, Fuengirola, Mijas, Manilva and Estepona in the West and Torre del Mar, Nerja, Almuñecar, Salobreña and Motril in the East.

Vitania Resort has been built in a carefully chosen area: Amidst golf courses, hills and lots of green perfectly suited to many people. Ten different excellent 18-holes golf courses can be reached within 10 minutes by car.

In 3 minutes you could get to the nearest beach and in 25 minutes you could be at the airport. Fuengirola and Marbella are only a 10 to 20-minute drive away.

The wonderful thing about Vitania resort is that is not surrounded by busy high-rise building areas and mass tourism. Strict laws and building regulations will make sure this is not going to change in the future.

Vitania Resort is in a perfect quiet spot with, for those who wish, easy access to the busy touristy areas nearby.


Costa del Sol does have it all, if you want entertainment then book a trip and don't look back! From kilometres of sandy beaches and the simple pleasures of eating and drinking on sidewalk cafés or on the beach, just watching the world go by.


Boasting some of the hottest restaurants and night spots in Spain, the Costa del Sol attracts visitors from all over Europe. From classy fine dining restaurants with views over the Mediterranean, to the more raucous karaoke bars and all night discos, there is something here for everyone.

Tapas Bars

If you are thinking about traveling to Málaga region, something you must plan is to visit the best places to go for tapas in Costa del Sol. The tapas are a symbol of Andalusian cooking, little portions with an excellent taste.

Beach Clubs

Many simple, traditional "chiringuitos" or beach bars are easily found dotted along the coast where you can enjoy local cuisine and get an ice cream. Marbella and Sotogrande have gained reputation for being luxurious destinations beach facilities are in keeping with their lavish image.


Mijas Pueblo

The municipality of Mijas, situated in the province of Malaga, is not just one of the most picturesque white villages in the area, but it also boasts a vast and well-maintained coastline. The amalgamation of beach, nature, and sunshine draws countless visitors every year, and there are various options available for dining and entertainment, adding to the visitors’ experience. If you’re planning a trip to the Costa del Sol, it’s highly recommended that you pay a visit to the Mijas coast beaches – they’re genuinely worth it! Take a stroll with us along the shores of Mijas Costa and be awed by their allure. Among the original fishing villages is La Cala de Mijas, a charming village with a restored Moorish tower, a delightful village vibe, and heaps of charisma. La Cala de Mijas is a well-liked coastal town, offering several excellent dining options, shopping, pharmacies, local “chiringuitos,” and great bars.

Numerous possibilities available to ensure your stay in Andalusia is ideal.


With over 800 kilometers of stunning beaches, Andalusia is a paradise for those who love water sports. The region is known for its warm climate, crystal-clear waters, and world-class surfing spots.

The most famous surfing destination in Andalusia is Tarifa, located at the southernmost point of Spain, where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic Ocean. The strong winds and consistent waves make Tarifa one of the best spots for windsurfing and kitesurfing in the world. Other popular surfing spots in Andalusia include El Palmar, Caños de Meca, and Conil de la Frontera.


Andalusia is not just a destination for adventure seekers; it’s also an ideal place to rest and relax. The region boasts of stunning landscapes, charming villages, and a relaxed way of life that makes it an excellent choice for a relaxing vacation. Visitors can indulge in some of the best spa treatments, take a stroll along the beach, or explore the picturesque countryside.

For those who prefer to be surrounded by nature, Andalusia has plenty to offer. The region has numerous hiking trails that take visitors through beautiful countryside and breathtaking landscapes. Visitors can also take a leisurely stroll through the charming villages, indulge in local cuisine, or simply sit back and take in the stunning scenery. Whether it’s enjoying the tranquil beaches or exploring the countryside, Andalusia is the perfect destination to relax and recharge.

Marine Life

If you’re planning a visit to Andalusia, there are two types of whales that you may have the chance to see depending on the time of year. The majestic killer whales, also known as orcas, are usually spotted between July and September. These magnificent creatures are well-known for their striking black and white appearance and their intelligence. Seeing them up close in their natural habitat can be an unforgettable experience.

On the other hand, if you’re visiting Andalusia between March and July, you’re more likely to spot sperm whales. These impressive creatures can grow up to 20 meters long and are known for their distinctive block-shaped heads. They are often seen swimming near the surface, spouting water from their blowholes.

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Top-Activities in Mijas and Andalucia, Costa del Sol

A beautiful hidden gem has emerged from a once-sleepy fishing village. The village has experienced growth, yet its charm has persisted. Mijas is an ideal destination for those who relish active sightseeing, golf, and exploring the Andalusian coast. The city comprises distinct areas, each with its unique attractions. Mijas is renowned for its stunning sandy beaches, historic Mijas Pueblo, and vibrant nightlife, making it a place that caters to all interests.


Andalusia's Moorish legacy spans more than 1,300 years, with the Alhambra in Granada being the most significant Islamic architectural landmark in Europe. However, Granada is not just renowned for the Alhambra; it is also considered one of the world's most beautiful cities. Granada captivates all the senses - sight, with its impressive landmarks such as the cathedral, Alhambra, and San Nicolás lookout; smell, with the aroma of blooming jasmine in the Albaicín district; hearing, through the flamenco zambras in Sacromonte; touch, with its ancient stones; and taste, with its traditional cuisine and tapas. As a city with a rich history of royalty, Granada is truly indescribable.


Originally a Moorish palace, the Alcazár in Seville has undergone expansions over the centuries and currently showcases a remarkable blend of Christian and Islamic architectural styles. The sprawling and magnificent garden alone is reason enough to pay a visit. Other notable attractions in Seville include the final resting place of Columbus within the second largest cathedral in Europe, the Archivo General de Indias which documents the Spanish conquest of the New World, and the former tobacco factory that inspired the opera "Carmen." Additionally, a visit to the largest fiesta in Andalucia in April is highly recommended.

Old town of Cordoba with the Mezquita

Once a prominent European city, Cordoba's former greatness is now represented by the old town and its grand Mezquita. The Mosque-Cathedral, only surpassed in importance by Granada's Alhambra, remains a significant structure in Andalusia. The historic city center has managed to preserve its charm from days gone by. The former Jewish quarter, known as the Judería, boasts exquisite examples of Moorish architecture, and while it can be bustling with tourists during the day, it still offers hidden corners and alleys worth exploring. A quiet walk through the narrow streets, lined with whitewashed houses and flower-filled courtyards, is especially rewarding and a great way to escape the crowds.


Cádiz is a historic city located in the southwestern region of Andalusia, Spain. It is situated on a narrow peninsula surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and is the capital of the province of Cádiz. The city has a rich history dating back to the Phoenician and Roman eras, and has been inhabited by various civilizations over the centuries. Cádiz played a crucial role in Spain's maritime history, serving as a major port for trade and exploration during the Age of Discovery. It was also the site of the signing of the Spanish Constitution in 1812, earning it the nickname "La Tacita de Plata" (The Silver Cup). Today, Cádiz is known for its stunning beaches, vibrant culture, delicious seafood, and historic landmarks such as the Cathedral of Cádiz and the Castle of San Sebastián.


Known as the "White Villages", Ronda stands out as the most renowned among them. Esteemed writers and poets, including Ernest Hemingway and Rainer Maria Rilke, have spent ample time here. Ronda boasts numerous old palaces and buildings, but it is the city's lofty position on a plateau that truly leaves visitors in awe. The Puente Nuevo bridge spans the El Tajo gorge, which drops to a depth of 160 meters, linking the old town with Ronda's new town. A visit to Ronda is a definite must for anyone traveling to Andalusia!

Costa de la Luz

Andalusia's most stunning beaches can be found on the Costa de la Luz. Visitors can enjoy some peaceful downtime on the seemingly never-ending natural beaches or spend a few relaxing days in small fishing towns like Conil, Zahara de los Antunes, or Barbate. History buffs are attracted to Cape Trafalgar, the site of Lord Nelson's famous sea battle, and a gathering spot for hippies from all over Europe. For lovers of antiquity, the well-preserved Roman ruins of Baelo Claudia are a must-see, while kite surfers rave about the winds off Tarifa.

Sierra Nevada

The Sierra Nevada mountains are the second-highest mountain ranges in Europe after the Alps and boast the southernmost ski area in the continent. They are a haven for nature enthusiasts and hikers alike. The numerous small mountain villages dotted throughout the Sierra Nevada still exude the traditional Andalusian way of life from bygone eras. The towering peaks, including more than 20 that reach over 3000m, are undoubtedly the region's most striking feature. Among them all, the Mulhacén stands tallest, majestically presiding over the others as the highest peak on the Iberian Peninsula. Even away from the ski resorts and villages, visitors can encounter untouched nature featuring an incredible diversity of animals and plants.

Caminito del Rey

Located approximately 40 km north of Málaga lies the Sierra del Huma near El Chorro, a well-known destination for climbers. The mountain range is separated by a rugged gorge, which is traversed twice daily by a railroad running between Málaga and Córdoba, and through which the Guadalhorce River flows. The Spanish king commissioned the construction of climbing paths, enabling the railway to be attached to the vertical rock walls, some of which rise up to 200 m. This path, known as the "Caminito del Rey," eventually fell into disrepair over the years but was fully renovated in 2016, making it accessible to mass tourism. Visitors are advised to book access months in advance.


In the luxurious Costa del Sol metropolis, one is likely to encounter affluent and attractive individuals, particularly at the lavish Marina Puerto Banús, where Lamborghinis and large private yachts abound, or on the elegant beach promenade, adorned with white marble and artistically painted tile benches. Despite the excessive number of grand villas situated within sprawling parks, it is somewhat impressive that this city boasts an entire avenue adorned with towering bronze statues of Salvador Dalí, as well as a royal palace fit for a distant monarch. Indeed, the King of Saudi Arabia commissioned a summer residence fashioned after the White House in Washington, complete with a private mosque.

Things to do

Recommended destinations and dining options

Tuk Tuk Spain

Tuk Tuk Spain provides guided tours in Mijas on 100% electric Tuk Tuks, perfect for visitors who want to see the sights. Whether you're a first-time visitor or have been to the village before, a tour with our drivers will offer a fresh perspective and show you hidden gems you may have missed.

Caminito del Rey

The Caminito del Rey is a famous hiking trail located in Spain, offering stunning views of the gorge and river below. The North Access route is one of two entrances to the trail, starting at the small town of Ardales. This route is less crowded than the South Access and takes hikers through a beautiful forest before reaching the start of the walkway.

Ronda, Málaga, Spanje

Set above a deep gorge, Ronda is a captivating mountaintop city in Malaga province, Spain. Its new town, built in the 15th century, and the old town, dating back to Moorish rule, are separated by the El Tajo gorge. The city's most recognizable landmark is the 18th-century bullring, Plaza de Toros, located in the new town. Additionally, the stone bridge spanning the gorge, Puente Nuevo, provides a lookout offering stunning views of the surroundings.

Maro Kayak Nerja

Kayakmaro offers kayak rental services for exploring the stunning coast of Maro, Spain. Customers can book rentals through the website and receive all necessary equipment and safety instructions. The website also features information about the beautiful natural features of the area, such as hidden coves and clear waters.

Alborán Explorer

Amazing boat tours and excursions in the Alboran Sea, located between Spain and Morocco. The tours are designed to provide customers with a unique and unforgettable experience, offering the opportunity to observe a variety of marine wildlife, including dolphins, whales, and sea turtles, in their natural habitat. Additionally, the website features a blog section that includes articles about the local marine wildlife and the company's commitment to conservation efforts.

Restaurante El Olivo de La Cala

Restaurante El Olivo de La Cala is a restaurant located in La Cala de Mijas, Spain, that offers a variety of Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine. The restaurant features indoor and outdoor dining areas, as well as a bar, and offers a menu that includes seafood, meat, and vegetarian options.

Cocoa Beach Marbella

Cocoa Beach Marbella is a beach club and restaurant located in Cabopino (near Marbella), Spain, that offers a range of food, drinks, and entertainment. The beach club features a swimming pool, sun loungers, and umbrellas for customers to relax and enjoy the beach atmosphere. The restaurant offers a menu that includes international cuisine, as well as cocktails and other drinks.

Trocadero Arena

Trocadero Arena is a beach club and restaurant located on the beachfront of El Playa del Cable, in Marbella, Spain. The beach club features a restaurant, bar, and outdoor terrace with panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea. The menu offers a variety of Mediterranean cuisine, including fresh seafood, meat dishes, and vegetarian options.


Celicioso is a bakery and café located in Madrid and Marbella, Spain, that specializes in gluten-free and organic food options. The menu includes a variety of baked goods, such as cakes, cupcakes, and bread, as well as savory options like quiches and sandwiches. The café also offers a selection of coffee, tea, and juices.

Da Bruno a Casa

Da Bruno a Casa is an Italian restaurant located in Cabopino, Spain, that offers a variety of authentic Italian cuisine for delivery or takeout. The restaurant's menu includes a selection of pasta dishes, pizzas, and other Italian specialties, as well as a range of desserts and wines. The website provides information about the restaurant's history and philosophy, emphasizing their commitment to quality ingredients and traditional cooking methods.

Vista Lago Restaurant

Vista Lago Restaurant is a fine-dining restaurant located in Mijas, Spain, that offers a menu of Mediterranean cuisine with an emphasis on fresh, local ingredients. The restaurant features indoor and outdoor dining areas, as well as a bar and lounge area. The menu includes a variety of seafood, meat, and vegetarian dishes, as well as a selection of wines and cocktails.

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